Necessary Materials & Utensils

Posted on December 7, 2010


Before we start on the adventure of mosaic creation, here is a list of the things that are needed to make one’s life easier, relatively arranged in order of importance:

–          Glass of wine (or whatever drink you prefer; of course, drunk responsibly)

–          Rock mosaic, tiles, rock or glass pebbles, plates or other materials that you like and want to use

–          Patience

–          Base for the mosaic (pots, ply wood cut in different shapes, albums, mirrors, clocks, whatever you wish to prettify)

–          Glue, hopefully water resistant as well (the better, the better); this may also help with patience if sniffed enough. :p Be careful with inhalations of toxic fumes!

–          Tile nippers

–          Twizzers

–          Protection glasses and gloves (safety first – glass tiles can be quite dangerous, I know from experience)

–          Cloth (to help break the tiles without hurting yourself or turning your house in a wasteland)

–          Big pot with warm water (if you buy mosaic tiles from stores and need to unglue them from their support)

–          Mosaic grout, colored or white (if used)

–          Boxes or pots or whatever you wish to use to store your tiles and utensils

–          Brushes and paint (in some cases)

–          Pencil and scissors

–          A quiet little place that is all yours (ideally)

Next time we’ll embark on the road of material preparation and maybe even finish a project. Are you up for it?

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