Merry “Mosaical” Christmas 2010

Posted on December 24, 2010


I would have wished you Mosaicky Christmas but the “ikky” sound made me change my mind…

Why Merry “mosaical” Christmas? Because I wish all your interactions with friends and family fit together so perfectly that they create for you the perfect mosaic of a wonderful Christmas time.

I will, hopefully, delight your eyes with some more presents I made for friends, inspired by Christmas.

Mosaic Inspired Gifts

Because I didn’t have time to create all my presents – even though I said the art of mosaic is forgiving, it is hard work and very time-consuming – I bought some mosaic inspired gifts, as well.

Mosaic Christmas Bells (took less than 2 hours to make each)




… more!

Mosaic 3D Christmas Tree (took half a day to make, and still needs a bit of work)



Cleaning Process (I don’t think I showed it well enough in the previous project)

Close to Finish

After the assembling into a 3D Christmas Tree…

I hope all the pics have brought a smile to your face and, maybe, inspired another gift idea. Merry “Mosaical” Christmas!

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