Aboriginal Inspiration

Posted on January 12, 2011


Although it could have easily passed as African Inspiration, the mosaic floor number design was actually inspired by an Aboriginal picture. I had’t paid much attention to the native art of Australia before getting there, but after having visited a few museums, I must say it intrigued and attracted me in a quite unique way. I recommend having a look online and reading a bit about their unique technique… Of course, I cannot use the dot technique for my mosaic, but the way the Aboroginals view and express the world through unique shapes is quite interesting…

What do you think it resembles? You can reply in the comments that you should be posting to win a mosaic done by me under your guidance… 🙂

The challenges with this project were:

–           figuring out the different shapes the mosaic needed to be cut into to create a balanced pattern, and

–          deciding what to do for the background (anything I tried was looking to busy, so decided on modeling the grout so it fits the pattern). I feel it works. I hope you’ll find the same! Vote, don’t be shy! 🙂

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