Stuff to Put Stuff In

Posted on January 23, 2011


Friends know that I have another passion, apart from mosaic… boxes!!! 🙂

I love boxes! Boxes are great, and the reason why I think they are so great is that you can store stuff in them…

As soon as one enters the house one wants to take away all the burdens of the day so, removing the wallet, the keychain, the mobile from clothes or bags gives immeasurable release… Therefore, the need for a universal recipient to take all of that in… And of course, looks matter even for boxes, so I created a few cute mosaics covered boxes that I personally love!

My favourite is the smallest, so I will show you most picture of it. I just love the milky white and the playful flowers on it! Each side is different.

I consider the middle sized one to be the most elegant and subtle of the lot, due to the black grout.

The largest is more playful and I would use it especially for Easter (hold a gift, as I’ll show later, when the time will be right and I’ll have more Easter inspired mosaics, or hold the colorful Easter eggs). Each side is identical in design, but differs in colors used.

So, there you have it! Stuff to put stuff into! They vary between 11 and 15 cm in width and are about 4/5 cm high. The prices I could sell them for would vary around RON53.


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