Forget Not About Your SweetHEART!

Posted on January 31, 2011


Ready for Valentine’s Day? How about Dragobete – the Romanian version? If you haven’t already found the perfect present for your lady/man, you can check out my virtual store at:

I am just about done with sweetening up my collection of hearts. For the special occasion of Valentine’s Day I expanded my collection of hearts – maybe you remember the two I’ve already showed you: and

Every special occasion deserves celebrating. How better to set the mood than with a little subtle candlelight? Especially for that, I prepared 3 tealight holders, all covered in mosaic!!!

I’ll start, as usual, with my favorite. I called this “Melting heart”. The light touch of the white against the pale icy blue and the burning red core can but only melt any one’s heart. It does mine! 🙂

And on the red bottom, you can even personalize it with your own special message!

The next tealight holder is not in the shape of a heart, but is red and, if I may say so, elegant.

Not to lose touch with the subject of this post, the next candleholder has the shape of a… heart, of course! I thought of giving it a more manly touch. I think that I consider it manlier because of my childhood memories of African soccer football gear. Am I wrong? Nevertheless, all people that saw it, liked it quite a bit. I hope you like it too.

And now, to sweeten you up to the extreme, my collection of colorful hearts…

I hope you enjoyed it, and if you want any of the hearts I’ve created, you can contact me on the blog or at Have a sweet week before the Valentine meltdown!

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