It Must Be Love… LOVE… LoVe!

Posted on February 2, 2011


This is the name of one of my collections in the Breslo portfolio. If you haven’t already explored the new addition in the right column on my blog, I now have an online store where you can purchase some of my creations. That if you don’t try to make them yourselves! 🙂

Today I am showing you the most important piece I made, inspired by love. Also, this is done in a completely new technique, so there is a bit to learn as well.

The “Flying 2 U” breakfast tray is thought out as a love statement. Imagine receiving or giving this for a special celebration, topped up with a nice rose, a glass of freshly squeezed juice, and some warm chocolate croissant. The surprise would be definite. Furthermore, every morning it would be used, it would remind of that special day and of the ongoing love that the pair is sharing. I know I want that love and am wishing every single one of you the same.

Now, getting to more technical things, the tray was decorated by using the indirect method.

But, let’s start from the beginning.

The tray as purchased:

This is the decided upon design:

This is deciding on colors to use (eventually, gave up on the blue… sometimes, less is more) and sizing up how much material would be required:

The indirect method supposes the mosaic is glued upside-down on a transfer material before being put in its thought out place. It is supposed to be perfect for things like tables, where the surface needs to be perfectly straight.

Unfortunately, for me it didn’t work out perfectly, the width of the materials used not having been the same. Although I first added the grout and then transferred the design over it (with the transfer material on top), it did not keep the level perfectly straight. Still, it is much better than with the direct method, where margins stick out.

I thought a nice coat of paint and protective semi-shiny lacquer would improve its appearance.

Above you can already see the transferred piece (of course, the design will be inversed than the original). The water-soluble glue can be replaced, I understood from my research, with a mixture of flour, honey, and water. I will try that next time, as the glue I used gave me a lot of trouble to remove.

And, here is the final product, after having been grouted, as a simple tray:

Here it is with it’s legs pulled out:

And, here are some details:

Hope you enjoyed this post. Looking forward to your votes. I hope you noticed the 5 stars you could give at the beginning of the article. Please, don’t be shy!

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