Easter Eggs – Never Again!

Posted on April 15, 2011


Easter – another inspirational holiday! And Easter eggs are the staple item! So, I gave it a shot.

Remember my Christmas spheres?

It took me a long time and a lot of effort to make them. They say experience makes practice better. I am not sure how many sphere/oval shapes I have to decorate for it to become easier, because, I must honestly tell you, it was still very hard. And, to be honest, the reason why it is less satisfying is the fact that the enthusiasm for the final result doesn’t really match the efforts I put into their creation. So, this is where the “never again!” comes from.

I’ll start with my newest creation: the Surprise Easter Egg! Do you have a special gift you want to give someone? Or maybe just want to offer a flower in an unusual manner? This is what I thought of when I found the unattractive polistiren egg-shaped box. Apart from the utility factor, the inspirational themes were the British and Norwegian flags. Have you ever noticed how the colors in the British and Norwegian flags are placed in exactly an opposite fashion? Well, I took advantage of that to create a mirror effect… On the outside I hand-painted the British flag and on the inside the Norwegian Flag, as a reflection of the first. Finished them off with a coat of sparkle acrylic – yes, that does exist – and a top layer of satin lacquer.

Now, back to the real sized wooden eggs that I started this experiement with! After a lot, and I mean a lot, of research to find the most impactful and doable designs, I drew them on the wooden eggs and started decorating them.

The Cross – the most powerful symbol of Easter! Colors are chosen to represent the rebirth of nature. The field of green surrounding the two faced cross signifies a new beginning, as does spring.

The Dual Design – again the cross, this time circled by an infinity staircase! Blue is the color representing freedom. The infinity staircase take the mind to the Christian, and not only, promise of a life after death.

The Infinity Eye – religious symbol – mainly Turkish inspired. Remember the eye of the God that accompanies almost every sale? Well, it’s an interpretation of that, as I feel it applies to Christianity as well – the endless power of God that can see everything.

The Perspectives – play with perspectives and the centre of gravity!

Each egg was created by using different cuts and techniques.

The previous works were intricate and took a lot of research. Since many people appreciate simplicity, I decided to try simpler designs as well. What I can say is that working with polistiren makes no design simple.

The Jewel – inspired by French court jewel eggs, decorated with preciousor semi-precious stones.

“I’m the meanest” – playing with the concept of the tradition of knocking boiled eggs together… Sometimes, I’m sure, thoughts of cheating with a fake egg just for the fun of it, came out… Well, this is not the most subtle egg to do that with, but it certainly shouts out the intention… Mean face, telling color!

And my least simplest creation… They say grey is the best grout color to use to not interfere with the design. Honestly, I rarely liked the results when using this neutral background.

So, I’m thinking of changing it. What do you think about turning the grout color into black? I’ll upload at a later time the result as inspired by your answers, so come back and check it out.

Also, what do you think about my posting in English alone?

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