Trilogy on a Marine Theme – Part Three: The Underworld

Posted on May 20, 2011


After a playful day marine scene and a nostalgic marine night scene, what else could I have come up with? Well, I thought I’d delight you with an underwater scene.

A mermaid bringing to the surface a waterlily, I thought would be one of the best themes for a flower pot.

Out of the three flower pots on the marine theme, this is the one I worked most for, trying to incorporate elements of movement – e.g.: the waviness of the hair under the water, the bubbles of air due to the tail movements, the inclination of the seaweed due to the mermaid’s passing by.

As usual, I started with sketching the design on the pot and with playing with colors. I feel that my drawing skills are improving. Maybe I’ll apply for architecture, as I always wanted! 🙂

Then, I started cutting and arranging the mosaic tiles.

Maybe you’ve noticed I gave up on an element – the corals. They were not turning out ok so I thought that, as usual, less would be more.

I had a lot of trouble deciding on the mermaid’s hair color: brown or blonde? Darker shade or lighter shade?

Here is the finished pot, after the grout was in place and cleaned.

And, what seems to have become a custom with my flower pot projects: the final dance!

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