Easy DIY – Mosaic Play

Posted on August 13, 2012


Sometimes, our home needs an update. And who doesn’t like an easy DIY project?!?

My grandfather created this wonderful walnut library cabinet. Although a delicious dark color, I felt introducing a bit more light would be the change it needed.

For my project, I bought 6 Ikea mirrors that have a wide wooden frame. I chose the darkest shade, because I didn’t want to compete with the dark walnut color of the shelves. I cleaned up two levels and started combining the 6 mirrors in different arrangements until I decided which one I’m happy with.

To introduce more light, however, I opted for adding more mirror details on the frame. I first decided on the shape – an abstract ray of light that falls down on all of the 6 mirrors. To find or cut perfect mirror mosaic pieces would have been hard. However, I bought a Christmas ball (looking like a disco ball) and reused the mirror mosaic pieces for this project.

I glued them all up leaving spaces inbetween the pieces and ended up with an abstract piece of work that reflects the light in the room, enchancing it.

I hope this small project inspired you. I’d be very curious to know what projects you did, so please write to me!!!

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