Rustic Style – Peacock Tail

Posted on July 10, 2011


My mum had a clay vessel she got tired of and wanted to throw away. That would be a useless waste. The thing that brings me most satisfaction in life is to transform useless into useful, ugly into pretty…

So, I put my mosaic hat on and got thinking. Rustic would be the best approach, but I had thought about this before and found it very hard to accomplish. I suppose this style is a bit out of my comfort zone… or maybe just hard to achieve with mosaics…

Anyway, the solution I came up with was COLORS – using a range of colors that would instill the rustic feel. My mum likes the combo of brown and turquoise, so that was the starting point. Also, I had to work with limited amounts of mosaic (I will have to make more provisions soon), so that was another factor in determining the proportions of colors I used.

Then, I decided on a design… peacock tails offer a wide variety of color combinations and a rustic enough feel for my taste. Fiddled with different models, cut out a shape and outlined the design on the pot.

And here it is before grouting.

For grouting, I chose a color to blend with the most predominant mosaic tile color.

Coloured the top as well to hide some imperfections and to add a bit more color into the mix – looks like the sky, doesn’t it?

And the final product with a coat of lacquer!

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