Coming Back to Life

Posted on April 4, 2011


Spring is here with popping flower buds, awoken hungry insects, and noisy baby birds.

A few tips from what I’ve learnt:

–          GO FOR NATURAL MATERIALS as a base. They are much easier to work with, thus requiring less time and less investment in special adhesives, etc

–          LOOK AROUND YOU… I mean really look around you! Allow yourself to be inspired by the things that surround you. They are plentiful for several lifetimes!

–           EXPERIMENT… If you choose to make the same things, make each with a twist. Uniqueness brings more satisfaction than repetition.

–          PERFECT… Provided you are not completely happy with something, leave it for a while, and come back to it. Ideas will then come easier and you will be happy with your finished project.

–          KEEP IT SIMPLE… Sometimes simple is best.

I can honestly say that spring is the most inspirational of seasons, offering a wide range of beautiful ideas and the energy to turn them into projects.

Enjoy spring!

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