YPC Café promotes young artists

Posted on March 5, 2012


YPC Café, the first NGO establishment of this sort in Romania that opened its’ doors this weekend, promotes young artists by providing them with the space and audience to make their work better known.

Humbly, I invite you to view my latest creations in their premises. Here is the link to their website and events that you may also find interesting: http://www.ypccafe.ro/calendar/

I also very strongly encourage young artists to contact them and set up a period for their works to also be exposed. I definitely am looking forward to seeing the talent this country (or others, why not?) is hosting.

And, as you may already be accustomed by now, my work always blossoms after I am inspired by something. This time, my inspiration came from the party theme for which I created 5 petite but, if I may say so myself, powerful paintings. They are even up for sale, if you are interesting.

The first of my works is called “Music” and depicts a young lady dancing with her music player. The backgrounded is painted in acrylic and the round shapes invoke the same effect as the bass has in music. Enough talking, let’s view! 🙂

Tomorrow I’ll present to you the second piece of my Party Theme Pentalogy, but if you want to see them all together and before I have the chance to present them here, I recommend you pay a visit to YPC Café – relatively close to Romana or Gara de Nord.

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