Flower Pot Pedestal

Posted on October 13, 2011


This story begins with a flower-pot pedestal frame fallen into disgrace.



As you may know me by now, I like saving and beautifying things (and not only). So, with this frame into my hands, I got down to thinking. I need some shelfs and a concept.


The shelfs I cut with the help of a professional from 6mm plywood.



The concept was given to me by the shape… Dimond cut shape… I just needs a geometric pattern.



The color scheme I found in an emerald… For plants, green doesn’t stand out oddly.




And so, everything I needed had fallen into place and I could start the process…


The shelves were done:



Placed into the flower pedestal support they looked pretty…



I needed to make it sturdy, so I used black grout (just like the color of the frame and a good color when you work with earth) So, here is the final piece (unfortunately, autumn has hit in strong, so light conditions for my pictures are a bit letting me down)…





How do you like it? See how you can save old things you have lying about? I hope this is an inspiration for you to start restoring your old treasures as well!

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