Peace Rocks

Posted on November 25, 2012


Peace rocks! I’m quite sure the entire universe agrees with me on this one.

From my bag of unfinished projects I chose the rock hand. The subject was long chosen; it just needed to be born in a material form. Amazingly, I started the process of giving it birth just before the latest torments appeared in the world. If we take time to observe, things actually happen at the right moment. It is how we react to them that decides how bad or good they are, don’t you think?

I hope my message is taken as it is meant… I am not making politics; I wouldn’t even know how to! I devotedly avoid any contact with media… My heart can’t take any more pain and my brain can’t stoop to the manipulation… All I know is that war hurts everyone!

I found this porcelain hand some time ago…

As utility, it was designed for savings… now money-saving doesn’t happen anymore in a raw form, but I think we can keep close to us more important things, like thoughts and memories… So, I propose every time you have a positive thought, a thought of reconciliation or growth, write it down, save it and revisit it when you’re most in need of comfort and hope!

I won’t bore you with details of creation… In short, I started with applying a coat of adhesive over the slippery porcelain surface. Then glued the pieces of cut mosaic on it in the desired shape and grouted it.



As I mix my own colors and I haven’t done this in a while, the grout color came out much lighter than I wanted it. But I managed to fix it.


If blue is considered to represent freedom, in my mind (not sure if it is a general feeling) green is the color of peace. The way the green came out with a mossy effect adds, in my opinion, to the idea that peace also entails a healthy planet…


The message I’m sending is quite clear… peace rocks so let’s invest in it! And peace, my dear friends, as I’m sure you know, comes mainly from inside! 🙂

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