Alternatives to Mosaic – Part 3: Canvas Keys Recycled

Posted on October 14, 2012


Having had a period of frantic mosaic painting creation (that is, on actual canvas), I was inevitably left with the wood keys that many stretched canvases come with. Since I don’t like waste, I saved them for later, when I’d get an idea to employ them. That time has come!

I took the wood keys and acrylic painted them in the 2 colors I’ve used so many times: brown & turquoise.

I left them to dry.

Here they all are…

Then, I started playing with the material to allow it to fulfill its destiny…

I decided on this particular combination…

Also, I felt it called for unequal rather than equal pieces…

Playing around with them, I found 2 more interesting possibilities…

  1. Wind chimes

  1. Candle holder

I opted for the second… Created a bottom and that was it!

Do you like it?

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