Ancient Amphora

Posted on June 17, 2011


Starting point: An amphora that needed a bit of restauration.

Design: What better design would fit an amphora than the traditional antique greek key? It is the symbol of the eternal life, eternal love, and eternal friendship.

Materials: Because the design is rather simple, I opted for a classy mosaic tiles, the most expensive I ever worked with. I wanted small pieces for smooth edges.

Colors: I only had three colors to pick from, so I ended up with metallic dark grey and soft pinkish beige.

Technique: Created the design on a straight surface. Measured the length and the width and placed the first row on the amphora so that it is as centred as possible and such that the design is not cut by the ears of the pot. Then, started building the design on the amphora widening the distance between the mosaic tiles, due to its uneven shape. Keeping a straight line vertically as well as horizontally was important because that would reflect in the clarity of the design.

Grouting: Chose a dark grey because I wanted to bring out the light colored model that was occupying the least of the space on the pot. Choosing a light color would have made the model much busier and that would have defeated the initial plan.

Waiting for your appreciations!

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