Posted on January 21, 2013


A very dear friend though of giving one of her best friends a painting as a birthday present. And since she wanted to make it a special surprise, she thought to make it a mosaic personalized painting. So, she turned to me.

I, in turn, have always wanted to try a Warhol-inspired mosaic. I proposed it, she said yes, so this new painting came to life.

I started with Photoshop, obviously! Who doesn’t love technology to make their life easier? I found some nice tutorials on how to make Warhol-inspired paintings from a picture and got down to some serious experimenting.

These are the stages I went through:

–          A rougher version:


–          A cubism/Warhol experiment:


–          The right balance:


I went for mixing these two versions…


… and here is how it turned out!

ImageImageImageWarhol-Inspired Signature-05 Warhol-Inspired Signature-07

I know, I know! Everyone loves the way it looks now! But, to make it durable I have to grout it. Grout choosing is a crucial step in making or ruining a mosaic painting. I can now say, still with modesty, that I am better than at the beginning at choosing the grout color. This is one step where experience has a serious say in the making of a mosaic painting.

This is how it looks the grouting process: covered by grout, cleaned, and seriously toothbrush cleaned! It does make a difference insisting with a toothbrush, doesn’t it?


Here is the final version, with a coat of rock lacquer for depth and clarity of color! It looks better than this, I just didn’t have the right light to take this picture…Image

I hope you enjoyed it! Looking forward to your comments now!

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