HapPy eASteR!

Posted on April 22, 2011


I wanted to wish you a Happy Easter and to thank you for following my blog. I am quite pleased with the audience ratings. Your appreciation keeps me going, so thank you!

And with this special occasion, I’ll be showing you an extention and adaptation of my favoruite things to decorate – “Stuff to put stuff in”.

Let’s start with the Easter Baskets. Many people I’ve talked to told me they appreciate simplicity more than anything. With that in mind, the focus for these 2 baskets was on color, although I must tell you that coming up with the best compilation in terms of design and colors was quite time consuming.


Now, I’ll show you my favourites for this Easter: the egg bucket / flower pot. Anything that has multiple usages gets extra points in my eyes. I also like them for their color, shape, and design. Need I say more?


Finally, the funny and cute rabbit has arrived with some highly appreciated inspiration for me. This stackable basket can hold Easter eggs, fruit, vegetables, or even a small vase with flowers…


I wish you a very Happy Easter and responsible traditional eatings!

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