Geometric Portuguese-Inspired Design

Posted on December 4, 2011


My best friend’s holiday house is missing my mosaic art touch, but not for long! With this glitch identified, I looked around and found the one thing I could improve – the kitchen garbage bin! Of course one already exists, but in the Portuguese-inspired decoration of this kitchen, the already existing garbage just doesn’t fit. So, there was my idea: a Portuguese-inspired garbage bin!


The 1st important issue I had to confront was finding a garbage bin made out of a natural element to which glue would adhere. A wooded one was impossible for me to find. A clay flower pot could have resembled a bin, but it would have been a bit difficult to maneuver. With plastic obviously out of the game, what I found was a metal bin. Obviouslly, I had a lot of doubts about the possibility of ceramic adhering to metal, but surprisingly it turned out to be decently compatible…


The design I wanted to inspire from the azulejos – a very beautiful art form, in my opinion. On my list where two possible designs: a more eclectic style, with unruly patterns in different broken china, or a geometric inspired look. I opted for the second version …


The colors I felt I should use to confirm my work the true Portuguese air were blue, yellow, and white. Since I am quite restricted by the mosaic colors available, I opted for a blue grout to compensate for the lack of depth in the blue I had in the format I needed… Supposedly, the very dark and very light grout colors are making the mosaic geometric shapes pop. Do you think it worked?


Here are the stages of the work…


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