Alternatives to Mosaic – Part 1: Colored Paper Mosaic

Posted on September 26, 2012


I realize that the initial investment in the necessary materials to start creating a mosaic piece can and does deter many from actually giving it a try. This is why I want to show you easier and cheaper ways to use your creativity.

Some time ago, a friend opened a bar. I always like to let my imagination flow, once I catch a theme or idea that can turn into something artistic. This time I noticed that his menu could use an update. So, I attempted to create a statement signature for this bar that would bring with it a lot of positive energy.

For this project I took out the watercolors and special coloring paper I had since I was a kid. I colored several sheets of that dense paper with multiple colors, letting them bleed into each other. Then I cut them into smaller pieces of different shapes and rearranged them as I would any mosaic. Of course, if you’d like a more visible mosaic effect, you could use just one color per each sheet and cut them into equal square pieces and use those to create a pattern by alternating the colors. Then, I glued them up in the desired model on the back of a sheet of paper on which I drew the shapes I wanted and cut them out.

I also continued the theme for the bathroom signs.

Let me know if this sparks any creative thoughts in you! I’d be very happy to see what you’ve created!

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