Glass Work

Posted on March 29, 2011


In my quest for learning more about mosaics I, eventually, ended up working with glass. That is, glass as a main material for my mosaic work…

What can I tell you about working with glass? It is difficult!!! Placing the mosaic pieces on the glass is a nightmare because they shift places and take a long time to settle. Apart from that, a good design can do wanders.

For the next project I entitled “Genie in a Bottle” I worked solely with glass pieces: glass beads, glass pebbles, glass vase. The richness of the gold and the curviness in the design have been inspired by the trip of a genie out of its bottle. What!?! You don’t believe in stories?


The following piece was easier to make, the glass pebbles being trapped on the bottom of the glass until the moment of adhesion and grouting. In my moment of inspiration for this, I saw raindrops falling in a pond. That is what I wanted to capture and transmit: a calm rainy warm day, the tragedy of the rain-drops destiny, their last minutes of identity, the new identity created by individualities forced together… It is a message of hope, at the end of a long desperate trip… Ponds are pretty, after all, aren’t they? Its name is “The Rain-Drops Collection”


The last work I’ll be showing you today is actually my first work, if I am not mistaken, using something I recycled – the bottle from a coffee liquor drink. The reason why I work with mosaics and want to dedicate a good part of my life to it is because I want to transform something useless or ugly into something useful and beautiful. The name of this piece is “Arabian Nights” and it was inspired by the Arabian Nights stories, including the famous one with Sheherezada. The shapes are inspired by falling drapery around the sleeping area, blown by the wind and surrounded by the moonlight.

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