Infinity Span – Photo Frames

Posted on September 15, 2011


Remember the greek key decorated amphora and the symbolism behind it? Ancient Amphora

To go with it, I felt the need for a photo frame. So, using the same materials, I put this together:

For the photo frame I felt like keeping the background lighter, as to attract attention to the photo being displayed and add sparkle to it, as much as possible.

The difference between the two pieces, although the picture quality differs, will show you the variation that the grout color can make for a piece. For the amphora I didn’t choose a light color as I felt it would be too overwhelming in detail. I wanted to keep it discrete.

As for the chosen shape, I went for something simple that continued the infinity symbolism of the amphora. If you follow each mosaic color on the frame you’ll understand what I mean.

And here is another photo frame I created that I am still very proud of: Chocolate Dream

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