Alternatives to Mosaic – Part 2: Paper Roll Recycled

Posted on October 7, 2012


Do you have an area that needs extra color or just covering up? I certainly do! Here is a simple art project that is easy and cheap to make.

Instead of letting others recycle our cardboard, from kitchen paper rolls or toilet paper rolls, we can save them and become our own little active recycler.

All we need for this project is:

–          several kitchen or toilet paper rolls – just the cardboard part,

–          a pen and a ruler,

–          scissors,

–          acrylic or other types of color,

–          some glue, and

–          a bit of patience.

I first took the paper rolls, marked them into equal section, and cut them out.


Then, I colored them in whatever colors suited my mood and, being around the Olympics period, I was inspired by its legendary logo. Glued them together in the desired patter and that was that!

Here is how I beautified an area of my balcony that needed something more…



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