My 1st Apprentice – Showing You that You Should Try It Out without a Fear!

Posted on August 25, 2011


When I first started playing with mosaics, I realized how much fun it was and how it seemed much harder than it actually was. Yes, you need a lot of patience, a bit of inspiration and research, and quite a bit of time, but it is a reasonable undertaking for any person with no two left arms.

The reason I started out this blog was to inspire you to give it a try, to help you discover a new hobby, to inspire you to offer creative personal presents…

I am very proud to say, I had my 1st apprentice. I am also very proud to say he has made me very proud!

As with all projects we started with the theme. The initial idea was an angel, but as we had quite a tight schedule I had to stir it towards a less complicated design. I always recommend that one starts with a stylized, as simple as possible design. If you like creating mosaics, you can dedicate it more time after that 1st try.

We also picked out the base, the object that would support your work of art. This time, that was a photo frame.

We went on to decide the colors and started nipping away the mosaic tiles and glueing them up following the main design shape. Always start with the design and always start by working on the outline, if you can.


Protect the parts that don’t need to be dirtied up and continue with the rest of the design.

Then comes the waiting time (we didn’t do much of that!!!). And here is the artist pondering on the wonders of his work thus far! 🙂

The waiting time is very important because you want the design to stay in one place when you add the grout.

Then again some more waiting time – it should be around 20 minutes, depending on the grout producer’s instructions. Then the clean up phase!!!

Here is the final product! It did need more cleaning up, but I didn’t have any more time to wait for the grout to actually set enough for that final phase!

So, there you have it! I hope this gives you the impulse to try it out yourselves, provided something like this has ever interested you!

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