Revamping Mosaic Works – The Importance of the Grout Color

Posted on October 9, 2011


Sometimes, we’re just not happy with the results we get… or, maybe, we just know something else could be done better, but don’t know what… The secret, as many times, lies within time: give it time and the solution will come to you!

I’ll start mellow and end strong… 🙂

The first change is just in presentation. I am not fully happy with this presentation either (the two bottle sides should be filled with something to emphasize their shape better and complement the mosaic work even more). Still, I wanted to show you the difference an image can make.

The article written for this piece can be found here.

The second accomplishment is a bit more dramatic. As I still wanted to see both mosaic colors used, I opted for what it is said to be the neutral grout color – grey. Now, even for that, there is a science. Choosing a darker grey color would make your piece look more elegant. So that is what I did, after not finding piece with my 1st attempt. Also, I added some sparkle, as I felt it needed that extra kick.

The article for the piece above can be found here.

And, finally, as promised, “la piece de resistence”, the most dramatic change… still just by changing the background, one piece is turned into a very different one.

In time, I realized the combination of black and yellow can very nicely support a brown background…. The reason for the change was due to my lack of contentment with the initial background color (grey has many times disappointed me, mind you!) and because I thought it would very nicely accompany the photo frame I made as the prize for this blog’s first contest.

For the article where I 1st presented the candle holder, go here.

So, time does bring fresh ideas! Also, I’m happy I could show you, even if just modestly, the importance that the grout color can have on your mosaic work.

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