The PASSAGEWAY rEVOLUTION may start at Street Delivery 2015

Posted on May 27, 2015


Dark, dirty, and depressing passageways taking people to their homes, day after day, season after season, year after year. Is that all we can have? I say no!!! I have a dream and I would like to share it with you!

In February 2012, I posted this proposal for a mosaic mural.

mosaic-mural-proposal-2 copy

Because of lack of funding I postponed it, and postponed it, and ended up not doing it at all… Still, my heart is set on the project and having stumbled upon this great opportunity offered by Street Delivery 2015, I would like to make a proposal.

Since the theme of this year’s edition of Street Delivery is CARBON FOOTPRINT, my idea is as follows:

  • mosaic tree or trees artwork,
  • solar-powered lighting, and
  • community involvement in the project creation.

I personally feel that this city is getting greener and greener, but still, as any city, concrete rules. So, why not take these dark concrete passageways where nature cannot thrive and turn them into happy mosaic art representations of nature? Examples of nature-inspired mosaic are multiple, so here are some, to give you an idea of what can be done.

I personally favor a simple scene of nature like this:


Source: Nancy Gong

But ideas are many and all gorgeous:


Source: Lark Crafts


Source: Libby Hintz


Source: Glass Hack

Here is a example of how transformational a mosaic can be for a wall:


Source: Moonfish Artwork

And here you can find a whole collection of mosaic trees to get you as exhilarated about this idea’s potential as I am.

How is this CARBON FOOTPRINT related?

Well, the most depressing feature of these passageways is their darkness. There are no lights and during night time, you can literally trip or stumble into whatever lies in the way. And don’t get me started on the smells! However, there is a solution for a brighter, more civilized entrance into the neighborhood and that is called LIGHT! There have never been lights installed in these passageways, assuming the light on the street was enough. Well, trust me, it is not. And the best solution is a green solution, so I would love to install a sky of solar-powered lights in the passageways.

Also, ideally, this project can be at least partially done with old tiles or plates that people have in their homes. That recycling would also help with the green aspect of the project! So, if you want to participate or just donate, please write at

My neighborhood has 4 of these dark, dirty and depressing passageways, that I know of. I bet there are many other similar locations around the city that would benefit from an artistic vamping up, especially one with a social or an ecological message. It is a known fact that these projects have given back home and raised the moral of many dreary neighborhoods in other countries. Why not in Romania as well?!?

If I win, I hope the successful project would open more doors for me to start a true passageway revolution. Fingers crossed and please support this city passageway rebirth as you can!

And please feel free to scroll through my work (the pics on the left will take you to the related articles). Below are some of my tree-related works, just to reinforce your belief that I can do this, hopefully with your help!

My first tree 🙂

Bamboo shoots – I feel one of the most appreciated works I’ve done

A more artistic tree signifying the union of two souls

The Passageway Revolution

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