Horse – Feng Shui Remedy for Success in South or North area

Posted on May 9, 2012


You know how a plumer always has plumming problems, a painter has not very well painted walls, an electrician has lights that are not working, and so on?!?…

Well, I also tend to take care of everyone else before myself. But, recently, I decided to do a bit of renovations, based on the Flying Stars Feng Shui theory for 2012. New balcony floor, lots of gardening, some renovations in the living room, some in the bedroom, some touchups all around the house…

The previous mosaic feng shui remedy I introduced to you was the bamboo painting for my hallway. This time, I needed a remedy for overall success.

In the Flying Stars Feng Shui calculations, the auspicious “overall success” star is in the southern area of the house. South is represented by the fire element, while the “overall success” star has as element water. A lot of fire evaporates water, so the area needs a water element that, hopefully, is also representative for success.

In classical feng shui applications, the horse brings the energy of success, fame, freedom and speed. Therefore it is used as a feng shui symbol in the fame area (South), or in the career area (North). I chose to use it in the South and to introduce the water element by using specific colors for that in the background of the painting (blue and black).

The painting went through a few stages, until I felt I was hapy with it. Here it goes:

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