Opposites Attract

Posted on June 21, 2011


Remember the period when my creativity was sparked up by romance?

Truffle Hearts – Flower Pot, It Must Be Love… LOVE…LoVe!, Forget Not about Your SweetHEART!

Well, during that period I also did another work that I was proud of but didn’t get around to present to you: a black & white swan mosaic decorated mirror in the shape of heart.

The idea behind this piece was that opposites can attract and live harmoniously together. For each of the swans I have used a different cut for the mosaic and different alignment. The black one I wanted masculine – more supple and powerful, while the white one was thought out as feminine – more voluptuous and delicate. Notice how their little peaks are arranged on the mirror for a bit more sculpturality.

I will just leave you to enjoy it.

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