The Art of Feng Shui – Bamboo

Posted on September 5, 2011


Long before having discovered my passion for mosaic, I was very interested in interior design and the art of Feng Shui (translated: wind & water). I used a lot of the ancient beliefs to better my home.

One thing I still needed was an earth element (represented by live plants or the colors green and brown) in my entrance hall. Since the area is pretty dark (another not very good element of any apartment – Feng Shui states houses should be best light up in the centre), a plant would not grow very happily there. The solution? A work of art with a powerful meaning. And why not make it in mosaic?

For this piece, after a long research, I chose bamboos. It works very nicely with the vertical stripped wallpaper, has the perfect colors, and I love its significance.

Bamboos are considered lucky because of their vitality, flexibility and strong growth. Bamboo in itself is an amazing plant with a very peaceful and wise energy. It teaches the ultimate wisdom: how to be flexible and “open” on the inside, so that the spirit can freely flow and heal you.

Also, there being depicted 9 bamboo stalks is considered very favourable, as it is an overall good number for good fortune and happiness. If you are looking for health – then your number is 5, if you are looking for wealth – choose 8, and for love – choose 2, obviouslly!

And the process and final work I will just allow to unfold before you without any more words.

For the technical details, look at my older projects, where I have repeatedly explained the process. For example: Sunset Paintings (also created based on Feng Shui needs)!

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