Mosaic Terrace Bench Update

Posted on May 17, 2014


Remember I was looking for a theme for the mosaic terrace bench on my best friend’s terrace? Well, as usual, I like thinking of my “client’s” personality and interests and get inspired from there. It is him, after all, that is going to see it most often, and it is crucial that he likes it.

So, I pondered and I pondered some more. He is a person with many interests, but one period of his life stood out in my memories as well as his. His exchange experience in Barcelona!!! And what better mosaic inspiration that Gaudi and Park Güell?!? Barcelona is one of his memories thus far, so a little reminder of that area isn’t going to hurt, right?


So, the first step was to get the bench ready. I wanted to create a bit of a wavier feel to it, so used some cement to create some bumps here and there and to un-sharpen some of the edges. It has proven to be a more labor intensive work than expected… and a more material user job that expected…

Unfortunately, the rainiest spring I’ve ever seen has stopped me several times from my work and even did some damage. But that’s life, right?

Waiting for some sunny days…

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